Stop being weird about it!

Money’s never been that weird to me. I’ve been working since I was in the 5th grade, when I sold black-market sketches of cartoon characters to my classmates. (Very lucrative!) That same entrepreneurial spirit has fueled me throughout my career: taking me from the wild world of foreign exchange and emerging markets, to eventually becoming Vice President at Morgan Stanley.

After an adventurous career on Wall Street, I decided to do something that would help people. I joined my family-run firm and started MMLW to help people de-stigmatize money and embrace their financial future. The work is based on the idea that everyone can understand investing if you take out the jargon, explain it in simple terms and make it fun and funny. (I think I am very funny.)

With a focus on women entrepreneurs and executives, my goal is to make money less weird for everyone to earn, discuss and manage.

I am a money expert, financial advisor and coach, and the queen of unsolicited advice.

About Kristin

I developed a passion for finance and entrepreneurship at a young age, frequently running money-making schemes to include selling black-market sketches of cartoon characters in the 5th grade (very lucrative!). I followed my passion, working my way up through the wild world of foreign exchange and emerging markets, to eventually become Vice President at Morgan Stanley. With 20 years of investment experience, I am now a financial advisor at my family-run firm, O’Keeffe Financial Partners, based in Fairfield, NJ.

I decided to dispel the notion that it’s impolite or gauche to talk about money and use my knowledge and experience to empower individuals, families and small business owners to take on the challenging world of finance. I am especially passionate about working with women entrepreneurs and executives to provide them with creative financial strategies and solutions to make money less weird for them to earn, discuss and manage.

In addition to building my business, I have a passion for writing about money and contribute to many publications such as Forbes, CNBC, New York Magazine, InStyle, Parents Magazine, Girlboss, My Domaine and Coveteur. I am a frequent guest on the Today Show, the NBC Nightly News and Yahoo Finance. I was recently named as “2020 Badass Fifty” by InStyle Magazine. I also offer courses in-person and online regarding money, investing and risk management. I have spoken at many companies and venues such as Soho House LA, Ludlow House, The Wing, Luminary, Twitter, Warby Parker, Forbes, Spring Place and the Girlboss Rally.

I am a firm believer in financial literacy for all and am a strong advocate for destroying the gender pay gap and increasing the overall wealth of women.

I am a Co-Founder of Women Work F#cking Hard, a networking group for women. I serve on the Ridgewood YMCA Board of Directors and am a strong advocate of Moms Demand Action, EVERYTOWN and Planned Parenthood.

In my spare time, you can find me sleeping, reading or gardening at my home in Ridgewood, NJ or on Long Beach Island with my husband and two sons.

Perfection is the enemy of execution. Take charge of your money today.

About MMLW

MMLW is a full service advisory business specializing in financial literacy. Working in tandem with Kristin’s family run firm, O’Keeffe Financial Partners, LLC, we offer money coaching, compensation package review, and other similar services. Check out our top-notch educational content and start learning about money from the comfort of your own home.

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